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    Amor Veneris – Journey into Female Sexual Pleasure.


Inside the Palácio Anjos, in the exhibition Amor Veneris – Journey to Female Sexual Pleasure, the visitor is faced with two options of paths: the route with consent, dedicated to female sexual pleasure, or without consent, dedicated to sexual violence on women.

After going through each of these areas, you can find the “with consent” and “without consent” manifestos, where we explain what each means and implies. If you haven’t gone through these two routes yet, or haven’t got around to getting the manifestos, you can download them below.

Scenography of the Exhibition

“Scenes from the Inner Life of a (female) body under construction” is the name of the scenography created by the architects’ collective Os Espacialistas for the exhibition Amor Veneris and which metaphorically transformed the Anjos Palace into a female body. This is a theatrical body in love speech, in the form of a walk essential to female pleasure, without the form of a body, but with its colours, intensities and materials in a state of permanent imagination.

Cliteracy – 100 natural laws
by Sophia Wallace

Inside one room, visitors are invited to read on the walls the 100 natural laws of cliteracy, the textual installation created by the artist in 2012 and adapted for this exhibition.

This artwork seeks to break with gender hierarchies and argue that all bodies have the right to pleasure, something that is fundamental for full citizenship. Originally written in English, you can see below the translation of the work into Portuguese.