MUSEX — Museu Pedagógico do Sexo (Sex Education Museum) is a project that was created in 2010 by psychologist and sexologist Marta Crawford, who has since been developing a unique museum concept. The first museum devoted to sexuality, and aimed at children, young people, and adults, MUSEX’s mission is to provide knowledge and reflection on this topic from an educational perspective, doing so by means of artistic expression and scientific content.

Its action programme is intended to actively contribute to society, eliminating prejudices and promoting healthy ways of looking at sexuality in an educational context. Bridging the gap between sexuality and contemporary art, it integrates distinct objectives, such as:

— Creating museum activities and content, including action programmes and exhibitions, which are aimed at all age groups and have specific approaches tailored to each one, thereby educating people and raising awareness about the important issues of sexuality, health, and sexual satisfaction;
— Researching, preserving, exhibiting, and disseminating aspects of national and international cultural heritage related to the area of sexuality;
— Encouraging scientific production on sexuality and disseminating science-based information through conferences, communications and studies carried out in partnership with academia;
— Seeking to defend sexual rights and sexual health;
— Providing people with information, clarification, counselling, and sex therapy services.

From the dialogue between the author of the project and the Municipality of Oeiras, it was decided to go ahead with the creation of the first exhibition of the Musex project: Amor Veneris — Journey to Female Sexual Pleasure, with the support of the City Council. Conceived by Marta Crawford, this project will be on display at Palácio Anjos, in Algés, between June 25th and March 8th, 2023.

Study Sexual Pleasure

This study was developed by Patrícia M. Pascoal with the collaboration of Marta Crawford and Tiago Sigorelho and is a partnership between Musex – Museu Pedagógico do Sexo, the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology, Associação Cultural Gerador and Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias.

The research work aims to know the experiences and factors associated with sexual pleasure.


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Sexology and marriage counselling consultations — APF

Through the institutional partnership established between MUSEX and the Associação para o Planeamento da Família — APF (Family Planning Association), a community sexology service was created as part of an exhibition dedicated to the theme of female sexuality and be aimed at anyone seeking specialised help in this area.