The importance of the Female Orgasm

Patrícia Pascoal, Diana Santos and Cláudia Lucas Chéu Moderation: Marta Crawford
17 September at 5pm
this talk is subject to maximum capacity of the room (40 people), free entrance.
On September 17th at 5pm at Palácio Anjos we welcome Patrícia Pascoal, Diana Santos and Cláudia Lucas Chéu for a conversation on Valuing the female orgasm, moderated by sexologist and psychotherapist Marta Crawford, founder of Musex and co-curator of the exhibition. Patrícia Pascoal is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and sex therapist, associate Professor at Universidade Lusófona, where she coordinates the Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology and co-coordinates the PhD in Clinical Psychology, cognitive-behavioural orientation. Until June 2022, she was President of the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology (SPSC). Diana Santos, a post-graduate in metabolic diseases and eating behaviour and a specialist in Clinical Sexuality and Couple Therapy, works as a clinical psychologist at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa and as a trainer in the areas of sexuality and the rights of disabled people. In the previous legislature, she was a Member of Parliament. She is co-creator of the anti-capacity feminist collective“As DEsaFiantes”, a group that fights for the causes of women and girls with disabilities from an intersectional perspective. Cláudia Lucas Chéu is a writer, poet and screenwriter. For theatre,she has published texts such as “Glory or How Penelope Died of Boredom” (2011), “The Changing Head” (2014) and “Violence – Fetish of the Good Man” (2013). In addition to these texts, he has also published the books “Nojo” (2014), “Trespass” (2014) and “Pornographia” (2016) and the novel “Aqueles Que Vão Morrer” (2018), among others. Entrance to this talk is free, subject to room capacity.