Retail Intimacies

Teresa Almeida
15 January at 3pm
the workshop is subject to registration until 48h before to

On 15th January at 3pm at Palácio Anjos, Teresa Almeida leads the workshop “Retail Intimacies”.

This workshop invites women 65+ to share intimate self-care practices through a series of creative activities that will allow them to explore knowledge related to intimate health, sexuality and affections. Addressing topics from menarche to menopause, we will use and apply interactive textile materials to investigate the complexity of these topics which, between ignorance and shame, are so important throughout life. What was it like before, what has changed, and is it more comfortable to talk about these things now?

Teresa Almeida is a researcher/designer, and her work explores the relationships between soft technology and digital technologies, crafts and wearables, with the aim of designing interactions and prototypes that serve as catalysts for the discussion of sensitive social issues. Recent projects aim to apply creative technologies to improve the experience of body knowledge and intimate health care for women, their choices and rights. She is currently an Invited Associate Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico and a Researcher at ITI/LARSyS.

Materials supplied: kit with booklet with interactive activities, which includes a pair of pants and various materials prepared specifically for the activity. Including simple electronic components + commonly used tools (e.g. scissors, tape, various fabrics, etc.)

Participation in the workshop requires registration up to 48h before to