Pop Up Visit with Teresa Crawford Cabral and guided tour by co-curator Marta Crawford

Teresa Crawford Cabral and Marta Crawford
Pop-Up Visit and Guided Tour
5 November, 5 pm.
For the visit you must reserve your place and buy a ticket at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace.

On Sunday 5 November at 5pm join us for a special guided tour with one of the exhibition curators, Marta Crawford, and a pop-up tour with artist Teresa Crawford Cabral of her work “The Nymphs” exhibited at Palácio Anjos.

“The Nymphs” was a work created from leather that, in the past, that covered gymnastic trestles found for sale at a flea market. Teresa Crawford Cabral sought the symbiosis of these skins with the bodies of the women who are painted there. The animal skins, with their marks of time, do the telling of hypothetical stories, replacing the true and hidden stories of these women.

The artist understands the body as a huge storehouse of stories, some of which are recorded on the skin. The leathers have tears, sweat stains from the athletes’ hands and marks from overuse. They have scrawls and are written with a biro. Sometimes there are hearts with an arrow and a declaration of love, but there are also insults and obscene drawings. These marks are the personification of the scars we carry on our bodies.

Visitors are required to purchase the ticket for the exhibition and to collect a ticket at the ticket office. Each visit has a maximum capacity of 20 people. The ticket for the exhibition costs 5 eur and can be bought at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace. From 1 hour before the beginning of the visit, you can collect your ticket from the ticket office.