pop-up visit with artist Susana Mendes Silva and guided tour by musex director marta crawford

Marta Crawford and Susana Mendes Silva
3 December at 6pm
For the visit you must reserve your place and buy a ticket at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace.

On December 3 at 6pm at Palácio Anjos, take part in the guided tour with Marta Crawford, founder of Musex, author of the Amor Veneris – Journey to Female Sexual Pleasure concept and co-curator, and the pop-up visit with artist Susana Mendes Silva to her work “Impudent”.

The work “Impudent” is part of the project “The Bedside Project” (2020), by sculptor Pedro Valdez Cardoso, where several artists are invited to fill a drawer of a bedside table. The artist chose the Cymbidium flower, made of pink plasticine, which belongs to the orchid family, a flower associated with femininity, seduction and sensuality, qualities enhanced by the presence of the lips and tongue. From these labia-vulvae comes the clitoris-tongue.

Susana Mendes Silva is an artist, performer and teacher. His work translates into works whose historical and political references are materialised in exhibitions, actions and performances through the most diverse means of production. Their psychological intimacy or their voice are often vehicles for the diffusion and reception of poetic and political messages that convoke and reactivate the memory of participants and spectators.

The visits require the purchase of a ticket for the exhibition (5 eur) and the collection of a ticket at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace, 1 hour before the beginning of the visit. The visit has a maximum capacity of 20 people.