pop-up visit with artist Inês Norton and guided tour by co-curator fabrícia valente

Fabrícia Valente and Inês Norton
4 December at 3pm
For the visit you must reserve your place and buy a ticket at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace.

On December 4 at 3pm at Palácio Anjos, take part in a guided tour with one of the exhibition curators, Fabrícia Valente, and a pop-up visit with artist Inês Norton to her work “The Skin you left behind”.

This work is part of an exhibition by the artist, in which she explored the dichotomy of touch within a space that structurally denies it: the museum.

“The Skin you left behind” works this dichotomy of touch from different points: it evokes the idea of a skin that is left behind, but which occupies a physical space within the room; the fabric invites people to touch it, even though it is not possible to do so due to the fact that they are in the museum. The skin is brought in as an organ that creates a barrier between the internal and the external, that protects the body, but that is also used, torn, wounded, exposed, judged and censored.

The visits require the purchase of a ticket for the exhibition (5 eur) and the collection of a ticket at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace, 1 hour before the beginning of the visit. The visit has a maximum capacity of 20 people.