Pop Up Visit with Ana Pérez-Quiroga

Ana Pérez-Quiroga
Pop-Up tour
4 November, 6 pm.
For the visit you must reserve your place and buy a ticket at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace.

On 4 November, at the Anjos Palace, join us for an evening starting at 6pm with a pop-up visit by artist Ana Pérez-Quiroga to her work “¡No te vayas!” in the exhibition. Right after this visit, at 7pm, we will start a cinema session, followed by a conversation with Raquel Freire and Roxana Ionesco.

“¡No te vayas!” is a site-specific installation that aims to provide a multi-sensory experience, where the stimuli of touch, sight and hearing are summoned simultaneously. The space, which seeks to recreate a growing universe of interaction and excitement, is designed to evoke a feeling of happiness in those who visit, stimulating pleasant and relaxing sensations.

During the cinema session, two films of the trilogy “Stories of Women of my Country” will be presented, Chapter 1 – Maria João Pereira and Chapter 2 – Márcia Sousa, by director Raquel Freire. In the same session, visitors will have the opportunity to watch “First Word”, by Roxana Ionesco, João Pedro Fonseca and Sofia Vitória, the result of the first artistic residence of the creative process of the show “God is Transcendence through the Body”.

To follow the pop-up visit, you will need to buy a ticket for the exhibition (€5) and pick up a ticket at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace, one hour before the event. Participation in the visit is limited to 20 people.

The entrance to the performance is free, until the room capacity.

The exhibition Amor Veneris – Journey to Female Sexual Pleasure provides the impetus for a monthly agenda of activities, including workshops, talks, activities for families or dayends with pop-up visits to the exhibition and performances, always with the purpose of reflecting on the importance of sexual pleasure and female sexuality.