Pop-up visit to the work of Maria Beatriz by the directors of the Ratton Gallery

Maria Beatriz and the Directors of Galeria Ratton
16 December, 6pm
For the visit you must reserve your place and buy a ticket at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace.

On December 16 at 6pm at Palácio Anjos, take part in the pop-up visit to the work of Maria Beatriz by the directors of Galeria Ratton, Tiago Monte Pegado and Ana Maria Viegas, accompanied by Marta Crawford, founder of Musex, author of the concept for Amor Veneris – Journey to Female Sexual Pleasure and co-curator.

In “Untitled”, from the series “Calendário”, Maria Beatriz uses collage as a technique to cut and recompose her artistic world. In the three collages that make up this series, the artist refers to the daily work she imposes on herself in spite of her health conditions. In this series, Maria Beatriz recovers a topic dear to her production: the woman. The artist starts from her strongest poetic inspiration, Octavia Paz, to discourse on the multiple forms and metamorphoses of being a woman.

Red is the colour that characterises the artist’s work, whose meaning refers to blood, pain and life. It is from cut or filled red that the artist recreates these female bodies.

The Ratton Gallery is a project that counts with the collaboration of artists of various nationalities. Born in 1987, the gallery Ratton Cerâmicas began its work in the area of ceramic production, inviting plastic artists to use the tile as a support for a new expression. The project has as one of its objectives to recover the tile tradition.

The visits require the purchase of a ticket for the exhibition (5 eur) and the collection of a ticket at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace, 1 hour before the beginning of the visit. The visit has a maximum capacity of 20 people.