Pop-up tour with Os espacialistas

Os Espacialistas
Pop-up tour
December 2, at 6pm
For the visit you must reserve your place and buy a ticket at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace.

On December 2, at the Anjos Palace, join us for an evening that begins at 6pm with a pop-up tour with The Spaceists of their work in the exhibition, “PLAY BODY – Scenes from the Inner Life.”.

In their work, the collective metaphorically transformed the Anjos Palace into a female body – without the form of a body, but with its colors, intensities, and materials in a state of permanent imagination.

Os Espacialistas, a collective laboratory of theoretical and practical research on the connections between Art, Architecture and Education, were born in 2008 and are a group of young Portuguese architects who pursue a utopian and alternative vision of Architecture.

To participate in the pop-up visit, you must buy a ticket for the exhibition (5€) and pick up a ticket at the Anjos Palace ticket office, starting one hour before the event. Participation in the visit is limited to 20 people.