Family Sundays

How to intorduce the topic of sexuality during childhood

with Ana Beato and Marta Crawford
Sundays for families
31 July, from 11 am
by appointment. maximum number of entries: 25

During Amor Veneris — Journey to Female Sexual Pleasure, the last Sundays of the month are dedicated to families, with activities for parents, educators, children or young people who seek to encourage reflection and dialogue on the topic of sexuality. On July 31, at 11am, at Palácio Anjos, we received the teacher, psychologist and sexologist Ana Beato for a talk aimed at parents and educators on how to introduce the topic of sexuality in childhood, with the participation of the sexologist, psychotherapist and one of the curators of the exhibition Marta Crawford.

Curiosity and sexuality go hand in hand as children and young people grow and develop. Creating and ensuring a safe space to share information, feelings and doubts is fundamental; it is increasingly important for those who educate. In turn, there are so many topics that we want to address with the younger ones: puberty, consent, sexual rights, reproduction, sexual health, gender identity, healthy relationships, contraception, voluntary termination of pregnancy, among others. Because we want to share experiences, we will talk about these and other issues related to sex education, accepting that sharing is the best way to learn how to educate children capable of making good and well-informed decisions. Their future starts today, with our help. Together, we will discover ways to introduce the topic of sexuality with the younger ones. Join us and bring your curiosities, questions and testimonials.

Besides being a clinical and health psychologist, Ana Beato is also a clinical sexologist and sex therapist certified by the Portuguese Society of Sexology, a university professor at the School of Psychology and Life Sciences, sub-coordinator of the Transdisciplinary Sexology Masters, member of the board of the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology and Coordinator of the Sexuality Consultation at the development centre PIN: Partners in Neuroscience.

To take part in the conversation, it is necessary to purchase an entrance ticket to the exhibition at the ticket office of the Anjos Palace or on Ticketline.