Gender Workshop

with Isaac dos Santos, trans man and LGBTQIA+ activist
18 December at 11am
by appointment. maximum number of entries: 10

On 18 December at 11am, at Palácio Anjos, Isaac dos Santos will lead the Gender Workshop.

In the workshop we will explore, analyse and discuss gender as a spectrum. It will be a place of learning, introspection and sharing of experiences for everyone present.

Isaac dos Santos is 25 years old, a trans man and LGBTQIA+ activist with a greater focus on the trans cause. It draws from his personal experience and transition process to reflections on transphobia, masculinity, patriarchy and human rights.

This is a workshop aimed at fathers, mothers and carers and seeks to train participants in dialogue in this environment. The workshop will have a maximum number of 10 inscriptions and the participation implies registration until 48h before to the