Film Cycle with Catarina Neves Ricci

Catarina Neves Ricci
Film Cycle
2 September, from 6pm
free admission, subject to room capacity.

On September 2, at the Anjos Palace, join us for an evening starting at 6pm with a Cinema Cycle.

This afternoon, you can watch the films MARIA (2018) by Catarina Neves Ricci, director who will be present for a conversation after the film, and who is invited to programme the remaining film session entirely dedicated to women’s sexuality. You can also watch the film KLIMAX (2021) by Bea Höller.

A graduate of the Buenos Aires Film School, the career of director, screenwriter and creator for theatre-dance Catarina Neves Ricci includes projects such as the documentary OF AMSTERDAM (2012), the film MARIA (2018) which won Best Drama at the Copenhagen Film Festival, Best Film at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival and Best Actress at the Caminhos do Cinema Português, and aired by RTP in the last two years; among other acclaimed projects.

Entrance to the film cycle is free, subject to room capacity.

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