Family Sundays

Fight like a Girl

with Teresa Mendes Coelho
Sundays for families
August 28, from 11:00 am
by appointment. Maximum number of entries: 20

On August 28, 11 am, at Palácio Anjos, high competition athlete Teresa Mendes Coelho will lead the workshop “Fight like a Girl” for mothers and daughters, where the participants will be aware of what self-defense is, the groups of techniques and the importance of avoiding any confrontational situation, whenever possible. We will discusse release techniques, choke defense techniques and attempted violation defense techniques.

Participation in the workshop requires registration up to 48 hours in advance to This activity has a maximum capacity of 20 people and is recommended from 13 years of age.

During Amor Veneris — Journey to Female Sexual Pleasure, the last Sundays of the month are dedicated to families, with activities for parents, educators, children or young people who seek to encourage reflection and dialogue on the topic of sexuality.