Family Sundays

Female Nude Drawing

with Nicole Sánchez, part of the Lisbon Drawing Club
October 30, starting at 11:00 a.m.
by appointment. Maximum number of entries: 20
On October 30th at 11am, at Palácio Anjos, artist Nicole Sánchez, part of the Lisbon Drawing Club, will conduct the Female Nude Drawing Workshop. The Lisbon Drawing Club is a community of live model drawing lovers who meet regularly to draw and socialize. Based on the principles of Community, Inclusion, Practice, and Fun, they have been organizing weekly meetings One of the pillars of this community is the belief that design can be a vehicle for emancipation, belonging, and awareness. This is a workshop dedicated to the female body, where people will be challenged to draw a nude model in order to get to know the various themes of the exhibition in an intimate way. The workshop is recommended for ages 16 and up, and participation requires registration up to 48 hours in advance to