Controversial Conversations – Consent

Isabel Freire
10 November at 5pm
the talk is subject to registration up to 48h before to

On November 10 at 5pm at Palácio Anjos, Isabel Freire leads the workshop “Controversial Conversation – The Consent”.

This workshop consists of a debate session on consent and issues such as sexual and gender violence, portrayed in the exhibition Amor Veneris – Journey to Female Sexual Pleasure, which will start from a true story about a couple of teenage lovers.
The objectives of this workshop are to reflect on sexual rights, identify social gender expectations in matters of sexuality, encourage dialogue about boundaries in affective and sexual interaction, identify forms of sexual violence (physical and psychological) in relationships, think about and discuss expressions of consent and raise awareness of sexual violence as a crime.

Isabel Freire has a PhD in sociology and works in the field of the History of Sexuality and the History of Women in Portugal. She is an accredited trainer by the Conselho Científico-Pedagógico da Formação Contínua (CCPFC) for Citizenship Education (Gender Equality Education) and Health Education Practices (Sexuality Education). She has published Sexualities, Media and the Carnation Revolution (Social Sciences Press of ICS-ULisboa, 2020), Love and Sex in the Time of Salazar (Esfera dos Livros, 2010), and Erotic Fantasies – Secrets of Portuguese Women (Esfera dos Livros, 2007).

Participation in the workshop requires registration up to 48h before to