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Sexual Violence against Women

Lisa Vicente, Maria João Faustino e Rosa Monteiro Moderation: Marta Crawford
20 August, 5 p.m.
this talk is subject to maximum capacity of the room (40 people), free entrance.

On August 20 at 5pm, we welcome Lisa Vicente, Maria João Faustino and Rosa Monteiro for a conversation about Sexual Violence on Women, moderated by Marta Crawford.

Specialist in Obstetrics-Gynaecology for the Central Lisbon Hospital and University Centre – Maternidade Alfredo da Costa (MAC), the author of the book “The Atlas of V” Lisa Vicente has a post-graduate degree in Sexual Medicine. She is a member of the Social Bodies of the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology, since 2008, and coordinates the Female Sexuality Commission of this Society.

Maria João Faustino is a PhD graduate in Psychology at the University of Auckland, Australia. For her PhD research she chose to study the ongoing mutations in heterosexual repertoires, their coercive and gendered dynamics. Throughout her career, she has published about topics such as gender, sexual violence and representations of sexuality in the media.

Former Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, Rosa Monteiro is a specialist – recognised by the European Institute for Gender Equality – in Gender Equality and Women’s Studies. In addition, she is a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, at the Núcleo de Políticas Sociais, Trabalho e Desigualdades and a professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra.

The talk is subject to maximum capacity of the room (40 people). Free entry.